Standard Operating Procedures for classes during the Recovery Movement Control Order by the Government of Malaysia.

Taekwondo SOP (Covid19)

12th June 2020

  • Students are allowed to practice indoors and outdoors provided they observe the social distancing of 1 – 3 meters for static activities and 3 5 meters for dynamic activities.
  • Compulsory to wear masks before and after each training session.
  • Students must sanitize their hands before attending the training session.
  • No bodily contact during practice and competition is allowed. This also includes socializing, greeting with handshakes and hugging.
  • The body temperature of each student must be taken before practice and if their temperature is above 37.5deg celcius, the student is not allowed to train.
  • Students who are not well (Fever, cough, sore throat, etc) are barred from attending training.
  • Instructor/Coaches are requested to record the details (name, contact number and body temperature) of each student before attending each training session in a log book.
  • If the training venue is an indoor premise, the parents/guardian are not allowed to gather and watch the training session
  • .Indoor and outdoor traning venues must be sanitized before and after each training session.
  • No sharing of protective equipment.
  • Number of students training at one given time will be according to the size of the training premise.
  • Prevention of Covid-19 siganage and notices need to be displayed at the training premise.Instructors/coaches are strictly to follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) by Ministry of Youth and Sports of Malaysia.

For more details, kindly refer to the official page of Taekwondo Malaysia.