We offer martial arts classes for children and adults. Our current programme is based on World Taekwondo’s syllabus and all students upgradings will be done in accordance to Taekwondo Malaysia’s standards.

However, our focus in martial arts is more than preparing for upgrading belt levels or ranks. Our programme is designed to be fun and wholesome for children and steadily moves up to be more combat effective for adults. Values such as courtesy & respect, perseverance & determination, and care & self-control are inculcated during the training sessions.

Martial Arts for all

Action sequences in popular action movies usually have great moves that are inspired by martial arts. Of course, these action scenes are not entirely realistic as they rely on special effects and tricks to make them more entertaining.

You can do martial arts too, what ever your age. Practicing martial arts has many benefits that transcend just the body.


Martial Arts is a great way to have a whole body workout that can also train self-defense skills.

In peaceful countries like ours, we no longer need to resort to violent actions to solve our problems. Martial arts have evolved to take on a more wholesome approach compared to just being a combative system for warfare.

Here at Activkix, we practice a striking art – Taekwondo – which is both ancient and modern at the same time. Known for it’s flashy kicks, the core of traditional taekwondo is an effective unarmed combat art that is practiced by many military personnel around the world.

We take the best of the physical and mental aspects of martial arts and fuse it with science, and play to make it fun, for both adults and kids alike. We love to see a society that is healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Martial Arts is a worthwhile activity that is fun, healthy and helps improve concentration.

Currently Activkix Martial Arts is operating a studio in Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, with martial arts classes for children 8 and above, as well as classes for adults. Our studio is well lit, equipped with air-conditioning and mirrors.

The area surrounding the studio is a safe residential suburb that is well lit at night and has ample parking space. There are lots of food outlets as well, with one operating 24 hours just below our studio, making it very safe for single women.

Activkix Martial Arts is run by Coach Michael Goh, who has been practicing martial arts since the age of 9. Coach Michael is a certified coach by the National Sports Institute of Malaysia (ISN) and currently holding a rank of 4th Dan in Taekwondo Malaysia (World Taekwondo). 

Contact Coach Michael Goh for more information.  


OHANA – United are One! Taekwondo Festival

Invitational Martial Arts event. In the spirit of unity, taekwondo practitioners from ITF and WT styles are coming together to celebrate Merdeka. Date: Wednesday 31st August 2022 Time: 0800 – 1600 (To be confirmed) Venue: Utropolis Marketplace Entry Fee: RM80 per participant Closing Date for Payment and Registration: 31st July 2022 Prizes: Certificates of Participation …